A downloadable game for Windows

The Serial Adventures of Dick Jack BB!

Episode One - The Montebello Dance and Dump Ball

Detective Jack BB is a down and outer.

He's a hasbeen. Worse yet, a neverwas.

He's a fool, and a liar. 

He drinks, he smokes.

He spits.

The guy is a real jerk.

guide Detective Jack BB through a complex criminal empire....use your wit and savvy to mentally beat the sh** out of your opponents....drink delicious mixed drink cocktails...learn the ultimate truth of life and the universe...?

this is episode 1 of the serial adventures of Jack BB. 

~20min play time

controls: keyboard - up/down/space

RUDE/CRUDE HUMOR - not for kids. unless you're a really cool kid. 


programming - tardy huntington

scripting / bpc attack theme - bubba coolguy

art - psychoskull

sound fx - april sampson

music - antonio prola

story/writing - the minute hour

Install instructions

download, unzip, play.


jack_bb_montebello_dance_and_dump.zip 5 MB


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Well, thats my first digital dick sucked, another milestone made. Great game, Jack BB is a reprobate, a wild crazy sonnovagun. Really enjoyed it, i did a video of my lets play, I hope you don't mind!